Sitting at sound warehouse waiting while my subs get installed. So boring. Haha hopefully they don’t find anything wrong or I will kill the guy I bought them from ha.

My girl

Rachel smith is my girl and always will be

My girlfriend

My girlfriend Rachel smith wanted me to write her a tumblr so here it is. I love you Rachel. I will never cheat on you and I hope someday we can get married and not fight. Love you Rachel smith. Only you. Goodnight. Will post a better tumblr tomorrow

I fell like giving up

The walls are closing in. I cant take the stress. I just want to go back in time. back before i left. So i could of done everything write the first time. Maybe things would of been better. I would of had a job. I wouldn’t be looked at weird. I wouldnt feel so alone. I miss my old life. I really do.

I want my girlfriend to trust that i am trying to make us work. I want her to know that. I want to say im sorry for being rude. Im just really stressed out and feel really alone. 

Who knows. Do i give up? Do i keep trying? Do i settle for less so i dont have to work so hard for everything i want? I just I just dont know any more.

I love Rachel smith

I love Hillary Ungricht

I love my family.

But i dont know if i love myself.

Goodnight world.


Yes im home. Yes im going back. Im just here to fix somethings and i will be going back on my mission as fast as i can. So dont ask questions. Dont formspring my sister. Leave my Girlfriend rachel smith out of it too. Its non of any of you peoples busness. Have a great day. 

2 Nephi 2:6-7

Last post

I love you rachel. Dont forget it. xoxo 

Have a great life tumblr. You rock my socks


I love you rachel. xoxoxo =]

george, you accidentally left your tumblr signed in on my computer. i just want to say that i love you. and i am going to miss you more than you even imagine over these next two years. thanks for being the best brother a girl could ask for. you truly are my bestfriend. keep your head up. you’ll be the best missionary out there. 



What i ment to say in my last post was. OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU RACHEL SMITH!!!!

I just wanted to say

I love you rachel smith. Always have and always will. Two years will fly by, we can make it work. we have what it takes. letters will help. talking at Christmas will help. we can do it rachel smith. no matter what anyone says. we have what it takes.

I seriously hope you have an awesome time in Washington. You helped me develop my game soo much and made it much more enjoyable for me. If it wasn't for you I'd still be unable to throw the ball. I'll miss you, bro.

Ha man im really not that good at the game but we will play together someday ha when i get back or something we will play mens lacrosse ha you rock man thanks for being at my farewell