I love my Girlfriend

I love you rachel even though your trying to make me jelouse by going to a haunted house with football players, by going to a dance with joe. and stuff like that. but i love you. still now and forever. i do hope you wait for me rachel. yes its my choice to be going on my mission. but i really hope you will see that its a good choice in the long run. I love you rachel smith dont you forget that ok? I really hope your at my farewell. I really hope you wait for me. And yea thats all  i wanted to say.

Hard hard night

Tonight was the hardest night of my life. i love you rachel smith. I know this is hard. i cryed the whole way home. but i know deep inside that is the right thing to do. and i know you know that too. i know two years is a long time. i will marry you rachel. i just need to do this. i cant go though life thinking of what it would of been like. i need to do this. i love you rachel. this is hard for me too. just think of the good times. the great times. they will keep us going. i love you rachel smith.

My Girlfriend > Your Girlfriend.

We are so cute.


Taking family pictures, mission pictures, and pictures with rachel today. Should be a good time ha maybe 


yay i hung out with rachel last night and it was really fun. we went and saw a movie then went to betos then hot tubbed and it as so so hot we stayed in for like 5 min haha then we watch coach carter and just cuddled and hung out and it was a great night. cant wait to see her again tonight =]


I love you George.


I love you George.


Waiting for my sweet girlfriend to get here. Idk when she is coming but i do know i will be ready when she gets here. I love her with everything i am. I hope she knows that. I cant wait to spend the next 5 days together. they will be amazing. I love you rachel smith. Here are a few things we will be doing if anyone is interested in our lives ha.

  • Make waffles
  • Go to Mcdonalds
  • Make a cake
  • Go to a wedding
  • make carrmal apples 
  • Go to a haunded house
  • Cuddle
  • Hot tub
  • Watch movies
  • Go to a movie
  • Make crazy good food

Those are a few things we will be doing. =] dont bother us 

It will be ok. This is how.

You say not to tell you it will be ok but i know it will be ok. here is why.

  • What is 730 days compared to a eternity together?
  • Yes 730 days is a long time. but think of the 110 letters in those weeks.
  • This will be a hard test. But a test if we pass we know we can do anything.
  • Its both of us testing. Not just you.
  • We both know it will be hard. But deep inside we know its a good thing.
  • True happiness comes to the people that work for it and most of the time endure some sadness before they are truly happy.
  • Yes there will be days harder then others but those days we will look at each others pictures and remember the future we have together.

Im not saying this will be easy. But im saying it will be worth it. I love you rachel smith. Always have. Always will.

If you wait for me this is what will be waiting for us.

If you wait for me this is what will be waiting for us.