Dear girlfriend

 I misss you very much. you have not answered your phone when i have called cuz im off work. but i love you =] dont forget that =] Love you rachel baby 


I hate it. Goodbye tumblr im deleting you with in 24 hours.

2 years

Two years is not that long 

  • A president is in office for 4 years.
  • Your in high school for 4 years.
  • Your in collage from 4-10 years.
  • I have worked at smiths for 3 years.
  • Average life span is 80-93 years.
  • We are both are pretty much 19. ha November is close enough.
  • A leopard gecko lives 13 years.
  • A boa constrictors life span is 20-10 years. 

All im trying to say is two years really is not that long when you look at is from that prospective. Rachel smith i love you. Two years is not that long when you look at it it will be two years apart but if you wait it will be another 60 years or so together. I love you rachel smith. thats a fact. It wont change.

i love rachel smith

long day

wake up at 7

go to temple

get out of temple around noon

go get lunch

get home around 130

talk to my girlfriend as much as i can all day after noon

go to work at 3

get home from work around 1130

call my girlfriend

Go to sleep 

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Cute tumblr post

This is my cute tumblr post that i dont ever post any more ha

I love this girl. This girls name is rachel. she is truly a angle of my life. She is the one that makes the days go by. She is the reason i put a smile on my face every morning. I love this girl. With all my heart. Today she sent me a 30 text long text just to tell me how much i love her. The other day i gave her a promise ring to tell her how much i love her :) We are perfect together. Though thick and thin i know we will always make it to the end. I know me going on my mission will make things hard. But everything will work out if its ment to and i really do think it is ment to cuz i love this girl oh so very very much. Worlds will never describe how this girl makes me feel. The most beautiful song in the world could not compare to the beauty that is rachel smith. I love her with all my heart. I love her with all my soul. I love her. I hope she knows that. I hope i prove that a little every day and if i dont i need to be working harder to prove it cuz this girl. This girl i cant loose. She is the girl worth fighting for. The girl worth dying for. She is my angle. I hope she always wants me to be her knight in shining armor. Cuz with out her. I am just a normal kid living a normal no fun life. But with her. I fell like im unstopable. This is my story. She is my life. She is my future. She is my past. She is my Present. She just is pretty much, My everything.